In the beginning, the Indian team was considered to be the weakest to have made it into international cricket and many of the experts before 1983 were considering revoking the membership of countries like New Zealand and India, but as time passed, the team showed exemplary performance on the field that made the notion bite the dust. Apart from the batmen and bowling champions, the country has given significant numbers in the Umpires that are known for their decisions and services to the contribution to cricket all around the world.

Shaver Tarapore

Shaver is a name that is well-known to the cricketing world. Having been born to a family that had close connections to the sport, Tarapore soon picked up the sport and carved a unique space for himself. Before 1999, his games were rudimentary and lacked popularity, but this year changed all that. When India faced New Zealand, Tarapore made his debut. In addition to that, he also umpired two more matches in 2002. Shaver has a total of 25 ODIS in his account.

V.K. Ramaswamy:

International cricket has a lot of opportunities for deserving umpires. Ramaswamy was born in the southern province of India, and in his career, he umpired 43 ODIs. Among the top players and mandarins of the sports, he is respected and hailed as one of the finest ones in the field.

Sundaram Ravi:

In international cricket, the names once etched on the board can’t be written off. Sundaram is a name that deserves respect for his contribution. He has Test matches, ODI’s, and even T20’s in his account. In addition to that, he has a lot of international matches officiated by the ICC, a total of 66 IPL matches add more to his career.

Srinivas Venkataraghavan:

The name is enough to remind you of the remarkable career of Srinivas. Retired in 2004, he was the umpire for 73 test matches, and 52 ODI’s. Besides that, he is the first Indian who was in the ICC Elite Panel of Umpires in the list of 2002. His spinning career of bowling has been one of the greatest and apart from bowling the man has a lot to brag about.

Raman Sharma:

Even though the career of Sharma stretched through a short period making his first in the test match of 1994 and in addition to that, there are 11 ODI’s in his career that spanned from 1994-97. Though the short career did make a mark on international cricket.


Over the last few years, the government of India has extended its developments in various sports but with cricket, it takes a different approach. With the advent of the Indian Premier League, the promotion of the sport in the country is at a higher level and the country’s reputation in the field is growing. The all-time high attention to the sport is a feat that is the result of aggressive developments and concentration on the different nuances of the sports in the country.


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