India is a multi-linguistic, multi-cultural, and multi-ethnic country where there is a lot of difference between the people, but when it comes to cricket, it unites people across all lines. In all this, the national team of the country is a hub of talent and skill, and the achievements are witness to the glorious history of the sport in the country. Over its history, the country has produced immense talent that has not just led the team to victory but at the same time carved a name for the team.

Kapil Dev:

Before the era of Kapil Dev, the Indian Cricket Team remained off the screen and even though the players had secured decent wins, it still had a name to make. The initial thought in international cricket was that the teams that weren’t performing should be barred, but all this was put to rest when the Indian cricket team under the captainship of Kapil Dev lifted the world cup of 1983. In addition to that, he was considered the best captain of the Indian team and was inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame.

Saurav Ganguly:

Next to the 1983 captain Kapil, Saurav Ganguly is regarded as one of the successful captains of the world. Before his leadership, the team lacked a name and as soon as the captain took over, he led the national team to the new heights of the cricket team. He is also one of the players to score the fastest 9000 ODI runs, besides that it was during his period that the country became stronger on the foreign turfs. He is also known for his partnership with Rahul Dravid which scored 318 runs in the 1999 World Cup.

Muhammad Azharuddin:

Azharuddin’s period was short, but in that period, he made quite a remarkable name for the team and himself. One of the successful captains of the team, Muhammad was a name of discipline who secured 103 wins in his account. Among the cricketing talents of the world, his name is remembered with utmost humility and honor.

Sunil Gavaskar:

Had Sunil followed his childhood dream and became a wrestler, then the world wouldn’t have gotten the talent that he was. In his initial days in the sport, his first achievement was the Best Schoolboy Cricketer in the year 1966. He has 774 runs, four centuries, and 3 half-centuries in a series.

MS Dhoni:

Dhonis period for the team was the most significant time of history as it climbed to new summits. His first victory was that of the 2007 T20 World Cup in South Africa. He was given the ICC Top Batsman and also was awarded Border-Gavaskar Trophy. Also, it was during his time that India managed to win the 2011 World cup.


The Indian team has produced talents that are worthy of respect and mention. It is through the leadership of these captains that the national team has become one of the strongest teams in the world.


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