The Cricket World Cup of 2020 is one of the happening events of the world. With millions of fans across the globe, it surely can be trusted that the event will be full of fans. Though the Cricket betting is a little different the core principles remain the same and before you step right into it and end up confused, you need to understand few things. There are no suggestions to guarantee your win but with certain guidelines, you can surely lift your chances of winning a game.

Follow your head:

Everybody has a particular kind of liking for their team. It’s human emotion but in betting, there is no space for emotions, it’s a game of numbers. Follow your head and evaluate your betting chances. The purpose here is not to fall on superstitions but to understand the gaming patterns with information. The knowledge will give you an upper hand but superstition will sink you below. So follow the numbers and forms.


England has favorable odds at winning the game. The Betting Odds are 5.50 with Bet365 and 5 with Betway and 10CRIC to win the 2020 ICC T20 World Cup. The team is in quite a good form and as far as their recent win is concerned, their performance in 2016 T20 World Cup in India can’t be overlooked. They came runner-ups though but showcased their skill and dedication to lift any trophy. The team will be a hard nut to break.

India and Pakistan:

India’s stint with the World Cups are well known. India is the winner of 2007 World T20 held in South-Africa. The Odds are 4.75 with 10CRIC to win the 2020 ICC Twenty20 World Cup. Pakistan is a strong contestant for the World Cup. Though the team lost the finals of the World T20 in 2007, it has performed well in the T20 WorldCup. Its betting odds are 12 with Betway.

india pakistan

New Zealand:

The Black Caps are one of the finest contenders of the Cricket World Cup of 2020. With Betting Odds of 8 with Bet365, the team has achieved its name through various games. Take the example of the Super 10 group stage where they won all of their encounters at the top points table. Furthermore, they were Semi-Finalists against at the 2016 World T20 in India.

West Indies:

The team is the strongest competitor in the line having won two titles already. One in 2012 against Sri Lanka and another in India in 2016 against England. Their betting odds are 9.5 with 10CRIC and 10 with Betway and Bet365.

Bookmarkers and history:

Betting is all about numbers and odds. Bookmarkers are important and you need to shop until you get your best deal. Many of the bookies offer bonuses for the new bettors. Take full advantage of their promotions and remember, the more Bookies, the more markets and more chances. Dig up the history of the team. Know how they perform under different circumstances, against each other and evaluate their history.


gaming pattern

Anything may occur in Cricket. You can see the underdogs coming out of their shell or the kings dethroned. So is betting, unpredictable but calculated. You can’t know what will happen but with proper knowledge about the patterns and history of the game, you shall be able to make an educated guess. With the 2020 Cricket World Cup approaching, emotions are running high. Though there are top contenders, other teams can’t be overlooked. The best advice would be to have a clear head, an insight into the recent happenings and history of the game.


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