India’s spirit lay in the green fields and the huge cinema halls. Just as how pure art in cinema conquered every citizen from the country, the sport of cricket also grew to play a significant role in keeping the Indians actively alive. Fanaticism and admiration are different, both of which have made positive and negative waves in the country. But those fans who follow every step of their idols into glory keep track of even the trivia. Some may disapprove of the act of delving deeper into the lives of these celebrities. Cricketers in the country have diligently earned money worth filling three whole banks with cash; there is no denial. Envy for these celebrities based on their affluence or fame has never been the fad of these fans, but getting to know more about all of these is.

Here is the list of the top 5 richest Indian Cricketers as per net worth.

1.      Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Victory has never been a far-fetched dream for the men in blue with MS Dhoni at the wheel. The man who is said to be the best captain in the history of Indian cricket is not only the cool and calm leader but also one of the best players that India has had in the past two decades. Adverse situations in the game have never put the man down but only prompted him to play with a better strategy and take the boys to triumph. Captain Cool’s net worth is reportedly a whopping $150 million. Endorsements with Reebok and Pepsi back the income from the game to shoot up the player’s financial soundness.

2.      Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar

God wouldn’t be an unideal term to describe this man. The sport has seen no bigger legend than him; stepping into the field to take the game to an unprecedented height of victory. This 46-year old record holder of having the most number of centuries in both ODIs and Tests is the second richest with a present income of $120 million.

3.      Virat Kohli

Hearts all across the globe have been conquered with that charming smile and attitude. The team is expected to grow stronger with the fitness freak captain Kohli to lead them. This man earns a good fortune of about $92 million at this young age of 31, both with his skills and killer looks.

4.      Sourav Ganguly

Astuteness was the attribute that most people loved about this man when he was playing for the team. At the point where match-fixing scandals were dooming the Indian cricket team, Dada was the saviour of the team from falling into the dark abyss of disgrace. Currently, he coaches a few IPL teams and is the President of the BCCI, all of which brings him significant riches. His net worth is recorded to be about $55.5 million.

5.      Virender Sehwag

Virender Sehwag

The golden era of Indian cricket witnessed smashes by this man flying to victory. Viru is one of those two batsmen who have passed the massive number of 300 twice in Tests. With the current endorsements for Adidas, Boost, and several mobile brands, the net worth of Viru stands at about $40 million.


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