Betting is a game of numbers and if you are a person who is good at numbers, you need to occupy your place at the table. To get these numbers and probabilities, one has to toil hard. From understanding the gaming patterns to knowing the history of the team, the hard work doesn’t stop. Superstition has no place in betting. The game involves the sharpness of your mind blended with the knowledge of the games. However, there are do’s and don’ts that need to be followed.

Don’t bet your heart:

Numbers are the heart of betting. Many of the new bettors repeat a common mistake and that is to follow their heart and wager their money on their favorite team. There are no favorites in betting. Your team can be in a bad form, if you allow your heart to take over, you will end up losing the money but if you use your brain, the numbers will suggest otherwise. Furthermore, the favorite won’t always win. Understand the teams properly before placing a bet.

Shop around:

Don’t just get stuck to a single bookmarker. Shop around. Betting business is a massive market and companies offer many bonuses and promotions to lure you. However, their business is certainly to make money but you should not overlook the initial bonuses that are offered to you. Browse through various sportsbooks and evaluate their terms until you come to a conclusion and once you have made up your mind, choose your bookie. A better bookie increases your chances of winning.

shop around

Don’t bet on the draws:

In Test Cricket, there are higher chances of the game ending in a draw. Though Cricket is unpredictable, still you should avoid betting on draws if you are wagering your money. Dig up the history of the team and place your bet accordingly. Refrain from betting on the draws. The advantage of recent betting is in-play betting. Anything can happen during the course and it allows you to place your bet as the game progresses.

Top player and Top Match Batsmen:

This is the form of cricket betting that involves betting on the top batsman instead of the whole team. Once you have studied the team’s performance you can focus all of your concentration on a single player that you think will score the most runs in his team. Likewise, betting on the Top Batsmen entails predicting the top Match Batsmen. It involves taking into consideration both of the teams and picking out a player. You can choose a top bowler in the same manner.

top players

Runs strategy:

You can likewise wager your amount on the number of runs. The catch here is not to predict the exact number of runs but to adopt the under/over strategy. You bet whether you think the number of runs will be over or under a specified number. You can also bet on an outright winner of a season. There is no specific way to master the art of betting in cricket. Every person has their ways of betting but with proper knowledge and calculations, you can at least make an educated guess.


Betting is not just a game of luck. It is much above that. It involves a lot of hard work, understanding of gaming patterns, making calculations, spotting differences in the performance, digging up the history of teams and players to make an educated prediction. With no understanding of the game, you can’t and should not wager your amount and remember the purpose is to have fun also so never skip that part too.


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