Cricket in India has defined a whole new religion and with time, the sports have developed, enhanced, and produced one of the finest players the world has ever seen. The country plays so much cricket that when there is a mention of the game, the name of India pops up. However, in the initial of the sports, the national team suffered from a lot of things and finds being one of them. As of now, the cricket board in the country, BCCI is one of the richest boards on the planet.

Virat Kohli:

This is the first Indian player who comes to your mind in terms of salary. The players get more salary than most of the cricket boards in the world. Apart from the endorsements that the Indian captain has, he has a monthly salary of INR 3 million. IN addition to that, the salary from the IPL and an endorsement of 19 million dollars that he attracts adds more to the total worth of the player.

MS Dhoni:
Being one of the most successful players in the history of the Indian cricket team, it’s obvious that the former captain of the team will be living a lavish lifestyle. He makes a whopping $19.7 million from the endorsements along with the salaries and also0 is a brand ambassador for many brands.

Rohit Sharma:

Even though the player has been in the bad form in the recent past and has been getting well with the adverts, but the revenue keeps rising. As of now, his net worth can be around INR 300 million. Besides that, there is always a salary from the board that isn’t running anywhere plus the endorsements and the salary from the Indian Premier League.

Hardik Pandya:
Apart from the salary that he draws, the player has a significant number of endorsements in his name that includes Gulf Oil, Sin Denim, Zaggle, Boat, EUME, D: FY. Still in his prime, the story of Hardik is that of determination, discipline, and dedication that has made him one of the remarkable players of the Indian cricket team.

Bhuvenesh Kumar:

Most of the revenue of the player comes from the salary that he draws from the BCCI and IPL. Apart from that, he also attracts a decency number of endorsements. His net worth is 172 million making him one of the best in the line.

Jasprit Burma:

Though there is a lot for Bumra to achieve, however that shouldn’t restrain one from seeing his achievement. With utmost dedication and skill, Jasprit’s generates a gross income of 164.2 Million INR. As of now, he has no endorsements but as the player is getting to make the name and his performance is increasing, it wouldn’t be unlikely to see the numbers rising.


Apart from the salary that is paid to the players by the board, there is a whole lot of area to make the best of the career. From brand ambassadors to endorsements, the market for making the big buck is wide open.


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