Leaving apart the overwhelming enthusiasm that follows football, cricket is a game that no doubt attracts millions and when it comes to Asia, this is a huge thing. The stadiums are packed with tens of thousands of people and streamed live all around the world. Throughout the Indian history of cricket, the national team has been part of the sorrows and the wins. This has given the world some of the best moments that refuse to fade.

1952, Madras Test:

This can be regarded as the first remarkable win of the Indian cricket team. In matters of skill and developments, the team was at its earliest as the country had recently gained freedom from colonial rule. Though the team was in its infancy, it made quite a win against the English team in the match of 1952 by eight wickets. This win marked a new event in the cricketing history of the country.

The first world cup:

Before the 1980s, the teams like India were in the background, and even though they had secured few decent wins, the front seat was given to others, but the world cup lifted by the country under the captainship of Kapil Dev in 1983 changed it all. The team’s remarkable win in international cricket did a makeover for the national team and acted as a tool to boost the government’s developments in the sports arena.

1998 – Desert storm:
The Desert Storm of 1998 is known for its significance in the world of cricket. The series saw the confrontation of one of the best and as Sachin Tendulkar, the world’s best batsman, was pitted against Shane Warne, the finest spinner, the stadiums were filled with enthusiasm. In the same match, Sachin managed to hit a century.

India vs Pakistan World Cup encounter, 2003

There is nothing spicy than the old India Vs Pakistan matches. The crowds are overwhelming and emotions run high. Not like 1983, but the team did score the 98 with one of the best shots of his life. It was also that the score was much higher than what you would usually chase before that. Yet again in the T20 world cup of 2007, the rivals were against each other trying to lift the final trophy, but to everyone’s surprise, the newly selected captain led the team to victory.

There are emotions, bets, people, hopes, and dreams in the game of cricket. With the addition of the cheering and hooting, the game goes on. It sees the records being broken and made but as it goes along, the games provide one of the best entertainments to anyone watching. This is the finest thing about cricket that it pulls you in the game and makes you part of it. Indian cricket team no doubt is one that of excellence and given the amount of concentration the cricket board is going to the game, it’s obvious that the team has made such a name for itself and its country.


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