In India, cricket is not just a game but a world of its own. From the north to the south, the game unites all the sections of the Indian community, but when it comes to its match with rival Pakistan, overwhelming emotions take over the country. Sports is a religion and with the addition of betting that takes place behind the scenes, the sight becomes a scene to see. From the trophies to the records that have been broken, the country’s records in the overall picture of the sports is one that of a giant.


The current status of the sport in the country is much appreciated given that the cricket board in India is one of the richest boards in the world. However, this hasn’t been the case. The game was introduced by the British in the region and with the first match that was held in 1864 between Madras and Calcutta, the sports began to be discussed among the European in the region. However, no such mention of the sport is found in the record, but as the country was being colonized and the game in its infancy, this is understandable that there isn’t much record. In this regard, the country match at the Lord was welcomed by the people where there was a presence of 20,000 people and as the country achieved freedom, the national team came into existence.

First victory:

The first significant development came when the country defeated England in 1952. Even though the match was a test, it boosted the confidence of the team and at the same time, marked a new era for the players and the country. Before this period, the country suffered from funding, and given that the nation had achieved its freedom recently, the national team was still in its beginning.

International feat:

With time and dedication, the country’s national team developed and when it won its first world cup, team India was set in the international arena. Kapi Dev, the captain of the Indian cricket team, led the country to its final victory in the world cup in the year of 1983. In addition to that, the team had already won their first test match in 1971. The latter was followed by the debut of the Indian Women Team in 1976. In addition to that, when India lifted the world cup in 83, the international reputation came up. Also, for the world cups and test matches, the country’s team brought laurels to the nation. As of now, it has two World cups, one runner-up in 2003, and has been the four times semi-finalist. The last world cup was in 2011 under the leadership of Mahindra Singh Dhoni.


Cricket in the country has been through a transformation and with the extreme attention from the government, the national team of the country has produced talent that none can ignore. Though the need is more now, it will be left to see how the team deals with the future pressure.


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