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Facts about Indian Cricket

Cricket in India isn’t a game – it’s a faith, an emotion, and a culture that binds all its sections together. In a country...

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Facts about Indian Cricket

Cricket in India isn’t a game – it’s a faith, an emotion, and a culture that binds all its sections together. In a country of a billion people, the sport takes a different seat and with the extra attention from the government, it has become one of the most nourished games in the country. From the time when it secured its first win in 1952 to the World cup of 1983, the national team of the country has produced moments that are worth remembering. The sheer excellence in the skill, the absolute honesty in the game, and remarkable growth in the sport is something that we all will appreciate. Maharajkumar : This is an honor that is unlike others. Maharajkumar of Vizianagram is the only Indian who was bestowed with the knighthood, but as the country was decolonized and it became a sovereign nation, he gave up the title earning more honor than the initial knighthood had brought. World Cup: Indian team in the ’70s and ’80s was weak and there was speculation that it may be removed from international cricket due to the absence of talent. Even though the team had made some decent wins against the strongest teams, the international opinion about the team was unfavorable. However, India took the 1983 world cup. The Indian team has a world cup in all the three formats, such as in 60 Overs, 50 overs, and 20 overs. It won the first in 83, the second of T20 in 2007. Sachin Tendulkar: Tendulkar is popularly known as the master-blaster of the sport, but there is a lot that has remained off the limelight. Even though both of the nations share a bitter relationship and are rivals in the sport, Sachin is the only player from India who has played for Pakistan as a substitute which will surprise the Indian fans to the fullest. The team: Victories can’t be secured by a single individual, so the team must work collectively. The Indian cricket team is one of the strongest on the planet and the board BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) being one of the richest on the planet. Over these last couple of decades, the team has climbed to a remarkable summit. It ranks first in test cricket and second in the ODI. Conclusion: From the time the team played its first match in 1932 to be one of the finest on the earth, the men in blue have gone through a lot of changes thanks to the extra attention of the country towards its sportsmen. As of now, the team has a name, a brand, and a reputation that is unlikely to fade with time. Being a country of a billion people, there is no dearth of talent and with the advent of a new year, the coming time will see many of the faces rising and records being broken. It appears that the sport in the country is set for a new change as the world moves on to a post-covid era.

Do’s and don’ts of cricket betting

If anything poses a football challenge, it’s cricket. Over the last century the game has developed, the countries are investing more time and money, and the popular support continues to rise. In addition to that, sports allow the betting industry to flourish. Every year billions of dollars are wagered on various games all around the world. However, before you decide to jump into the game and start playing your money, there are some dos and don’ts that you will have to know. Selection and knowledge: This is the first step of all the processes where you are to know what you’re into. This implies adequate knowledge of the sport and the nuances that can affect the game. Since it’s the issue of real money, so there is a crucial need to research, understand and know the things that can affect the game. This includes the recent performance of the players and the team, the way the team performs against a certain team, and whether there’s been a recent change in the player’s form. In addition to that, knowing the ways of the betting as it can vary from the sport. Intoxication: Contrary to the popularly held notion, betting is a game of numbers not the other way around, so there is no need for superstition or the beliefs that can devastate the whole affair. Make sure that you are within your senses when you wager the money. Besides that, intoxication can affect your decision-making capacities, so be sober when you are placing or understanding the market. Understand the game: If you step into the betting market, you will get confused as a beginner. Not all can master the art of betting, but if you are well prepared then the game can be a little easier. Betting involves a lot of things and research will help. In addition to that, there are plenty of sites that will offer you free betting sessions that shall educate you on how to bet. Go against the flow: This is a very important step in the whole process. In betting or sports, it’s very obvious to develop an emotion favorable to a certain team or to be overwhelmed by the popular notion, but a sensible bettor is one who knows how to decide based on facts not beliefs. Before you act, think and if the numbers don’t support the team, it’s time to shun and get a side where the chances are fair. Furthermore, the history of the teams and how they’ve been playing is very important as it will let you in on an insight into the game. In the end, make sure that you shop around for the bookmakers, not stick to the first one.
Conclusion: Betting in cricket is the same in other sports except for the fact that the game is different. A little bit of research, technique, understanding, and knowledge about the game will make you place the wager in the right place.

Indian Cricketers to look up to

Cricket in India is more than what football is in Europe. It’s the only game that cuts across the multi-ethnic and religious state and brings them to one table. Initially, the country’s performance in international cricket was poor as it lacked facilities, however, as time passed, the game became more sophisticated in the country, and with the aggressive attention of the government, the sport developed. In the 1980s, the world thought that the countries that weren’t performing well need to be barred from international cricket, but with the national team of India lifting the world cup of 1983, all notions were put to rest. Virat Kohli: Among the top batsmen and captains of the world, the name of Virat Kohli is considered worthy of mention. Not just leading his team to various wins, Virat has managed to break records, show exemplary sportsmanship, and proved to be a trustworthy player in all the inning that he has played. The 31-year-old cricketer has two Man of the Match in his account in addition to being the top batsman in 2013. Mahendra Dhoni: Former captain of the Indian cricket team, Mahendra Dhoni has led the team to glorious and remarkable victories. Initially known for his hairstyle and being commented by the president of Pakistan Musharraf, he has won all the ICC trophies during his captaincy during his time from 2007 to 2014. One of his achievements includes the 2007 ICC World Twenty20, the 2010 and 2016 Asia Cups, the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup, and the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy. Besides that, his life story has been produced into a movie and is that of inspiration. Rohit Sharma: Next to Virat, Rohit Sharma is second to no one. Currently, as the vice-captain of the Indian cricket team, Sharma is known for his aggressive batting where he has carved a space for himself among the best players of India as well as in international cricket. In his account, he has three double centuries, the highest sixes in a test match, and in addition to that, he captains the Mumbai Indians, a team of the IPL. He was awarded Arjuna Award (2015), and ICC ODI player of the year (2019). Rishab Pant: Rishab Pant’s innings in international cricket needs no introduction but as far as domestic is concerned, he has brought laurels for his team. In the IPL matches, his batting has been known for being no-nonsense. Apart from being named as the ICC Emerging Player of the year in 2018, Rishab has a promising career ahead. Hardik Pandya: Pandya’s debut in 2016 was the changing moment in his career. Soon he became a well-known name in his team. In his first match, he was awarded the man of the match. He also took two wickets in a T20 match against Australia. Conclusion: Even though there are a lot of players that you must look for in Indian cricket, some of them are molded in a different skill. Surely, the cricket in India takes a whole new turn.

Cricket in India

In India, cricket is not just a game but a world of its own. From the north to the south, the game unites all the sections of the Indian community, but when it comes to its match with rival Pakistan, overwhelming emotions take over the country. Sports is a religion and with the addition of betting that takes place behind the scenes, the sight becomes a scene to see. From the trophies to the records that have been broken, the country’s records in the overall picture of the sports is one that of a giant. History: The current status of the sport in the country is much appreciated given that the cricket board in India is one of the richest boards in the world. However, this hasn’t been the case. The game was introduced by the British in the region and with the first match that was held in 1864 between Madras and Calcutta, the sports began to be discussed among the European in the region. However, no such mention of the sport is found in the record, but as the country was being colonized and the game in its infancy, this is understandable that there isn’t much record. In this regard, the country match at the Lord was welcomed by the people where there was a presence of 20,000 people and as the country achieved freedom, the national team came into existence. First victory: The first significant development came when the country defeated England in 1952. Even though the match was a test, it boosted the confidence of the team and at the same time, marked a new era for the players and the country. Before this period, the country suffered from funding, and given that the nation had achieved its freedom recently, the national team was still in its beginning. International feat: With time and dedication, the country’s national team developed and when it won its first world cup, team India was set in the international arena. Kapi Dev, the captain of the Indian cricket team, led the country to its final victory in the world cup in the year of 1983. In addition to that, the team had already won their first test match in 1971. The latter was followed by the debut of the Indian Women Team in 1976. In addition to that, when India lifted the world cup in 83, the international reputation came up. Also, for the world cups and test matches, the country’s team brought laurels to the nation. As of now, it has two World cups, one runner-up in 2003, and has been the four times semi-finalist. The last world cup was in 2011 under the leadership of Mahindra Singh Dhoni. Conclusion: Cricket in the country has been through a transformation and with the extreme attention from the government, the national team of the country has produced talent that none can ignore. Though the need is more now, it will be left to see how the team deals with the future pressure.

Best betting sites for cricket

Football has its followers all around the world, and if there’s a sport that gives it a tough competition it can be without doubt cricket. The initial days of the game were riddled with rudimentary and obsolete rules, but as the game grew in popularity, it became more sophisticated and less boring. So much that the regional matches in various countries generate millions and with the advent of online betting, the affair of wagering on the outcome of the games has become much easier. The online websites and continuous promotion of the sport have given birth to radical followers of the game. Betway: Of the platforms in the sports betting industry, Betway comes in the top for its convenient gaming and ease of betting on the sport. One of the most significant developments that have happened with the site is the extra measures that the company has taken to secure your information. It has been licensed by GCGB and MGA. Apart from cricket, there are various other sports that you can use the site to place your bet. Bet365: An obsolete design can put you off, but on Bet365, the issue can never occur. With the help of the expert programmers and designers of the IT, the platform allows for an enhanced experience and when betting is concerned, you are assured that you will never regret the attempt. In addition to that, there are other sports options that you can avail and at the same time, you are not to worry about your safety as it uses multiple-security to protect your data. To entice more players, the site offers bonuses and promotions that you can trigger on the initial deposit. However, what’s more than the bonuses is the smooth design of the site that features live streaming of cricket along with other sports. In the same category can be kept, Unibet, which is highly secure, multi-purpose, and designed in such a way that betting becomes easier. You can trigger a joining bonus of $30. 22Bet: The integration of technology and betting has been useful for the modern bettor as it allows for an experience that is appreciated. However, the hike to the summit of popularity can be attributed to the aggressive promotion and the features that it offers to the new bettors. It offers a 100% bonus to the new players that can be triggered by the initial deposit. 10Bet: There are multiple layers of security to protect your data, you are offered different payment options and the look of the site is much exciting. Besides that, the site’s programming allows for the in-play and pre-play features.
Conclusion: Cricket offers multiple forms and patterns of betting and if you’re ready, then there are more than enough opportunities to capitalize. In all this, the selection of bookmakers is the most crucial task as it will facilitate the bet, so take some time to research if you want the best platform. In this way, you can elevate your chances of winning.

Beginners guide to cricket betting

Irrespective of the sport, betting is an affair that requires utmost concentration and at the same time, a little bit of knowledge. Some certain dos and don’ts need to be followed, a presence of mind and knowing the insights of the game are the best ways to make the finest bet. In cricket, a bet isn’t complicated and is as same as it’s in football or any sport for that matter. The approach matter; the central idea remains the same. Knowledge: This is the first step of the overall game. Compared to normal betting, the pattern is the same but the game is different and before you think about wagering your money on the game, you need to know everything about cricket. From the selection of the game to the website where you will wager the money. Selection: Given the advent of the internet, betting on any sport has changed and as of now, irrespective of the place you are in, the bets can be placed without any hassle thanks to the online bookmakers that facilitate the bet. So, in this regard, the platform plays an important part in the game. Even though there are a lot of platforms that offer you sports bets in addition to the better odds, your task is to make sure that you’re on the right one. The credibility of the site, the better odds, and a comparison on the market to see the best of the websites is the first thing you must consider. Remember, the money that you’re wagering is yours, so the research must be done thoroughly. Market: Once you are done with the selection of the platform, there are still things to know about the market. The betting markets have access to diversity but are also prone to losses. The imperative step is to understand the betting markets that will be offered by the websites that facilitate your bet. Besides that, in this matter, the selection of the site matters a lot as it will be as if you were informed beforehand as to how many markets you will have. Betting places the most trust on the number so there is no need for emotions. Take every step carefully, analyze the options that you have, and after proper evaluation of the sides, take the right step. There is no need to rush the step. One of the most common bets in the game is when you wager your money on the outcome of the tournament, not just a single match. You would do as you would on a single match and wait for the results. History: This is the last, but not the least and before you place your money on a game, know the sides that are playing and how they’ve been performing in the recent past and at the same time, how the match turns out when they are pitted against each other. Conclusion: Betting is a number game. It requires skill, knowledge, patience, and the right step at the right time.

The safest Cricket betting sites

safest cricket betting site
Cricket betting has been revolutionized in the last few decades. You no longer need to venture out of your home to place a bet. All this can be achieved through your internet connection. Various bookmarkers provide you with various bonuses on your first deposit and not only that help you get familiar with the betting. Internet betting is not murky when one knows how to spot the legit sites from the fraud ones.


In sports betting, Bet365 has its image. The site is equipped with multi-layered security and faster processing that makes it convenient to operate and user-friendly to register. Licensed by UK gambling commission the site is open for anyone who is 18+. There are multiple ways to reach out to the customer support available 24/7. The site has multiple ways of payments and allows the user a faster pay-out.  


BetVictor offers its user a bonus of £30 with an initial payment of £5. It has a long reliable reputation in the betting business and is licensed by the Government of Gibraltar Licensing Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. It also accepts PayPal as its type of deposit. Apart from that, it has different ways of payment and also supports same-day pay-out. The site’s design is programmed in such a way that it allows hassle-free betting within seconds with thousands of daily markets, 30+sports, and special cricket features.


Coral is one of the emerging names in the betting market. The site uses unique security features to protect your data and provide you an irreplaceable betting experience. With an initial payment of £5, the new bettor can receive up to £20 in his account. Licensed by UKGC, the platform has multiple types of payment methods with quick deposits and faster pay-outs. It also has a live streaming service and one of the best odds. If we were to compare the website to its counterparts, the sites have a wide range of sports available to bet.


The site has firmly established itself in the business since 1999. Regulated and licensed by UKGC, Betfair uses multiple layer security to process your data on the website. Though the site may charge you a little for your withdrawals the pay-outs are much faster than other sites. It’s currently the world’s biggest betting exchange. It also has several payment options including MasterCard, e-wallets or the Bank transfer. Betfair offers the best odds, great liquidity, 25+ sports, and live streaming.


The company was established in 1967 and is licensed by the Government of the UK. The extra security that the company has adopted on the site gives your data a reliable coverage and keeps your information safe. Betfred has faster deposits and quick withdraws. It offers live betting in all sports, with limited live streaming. The company five decades in the business has established a reliable name in the betting market.

William Hill:

The website offers the best betting odds and a bonus of £30 on an initial bet of £10. Licensed by UKGC, the company has been around the betting business since 1934. Though it has in the last few decades made its entry online. William Hill offers faster pay-outs, quicker deposits and accepts various forms of payments. 30+ sports live betting and live streaming, are among the various services that are offered by the website.


sports bettingOnline is the most convenient form of sports betting. If measured properly and calculated thoroughly, the wager you place can return hefty. However, there needs to be given extra care to the credibility of the website. If you are not sure about the site’s history or suspect anything unordinary, it’s better to find another site.

Tried and tested Cricket betting tips for a guaranteed win

tried and tested cricket betting tips
Betting is a game of numbers and if you are a person who is good at numbers, you need to occupy your place at the table. To get these numbers and probabilities, one has to toil hard. From understanding the gaming patterns to knowing the history of the team, the hard work doesn’t stop. Superstition has no place in betting. The game involves the sharpness of your mind blended with the knowledge of the games. However, there are do’s and don’ts that need to be followed.

Don’t bet your heart:

Numbers are the heart of betting. Many of the new bettors repeat a common mistake and that is to follow their heart and wager their money on their favorite team. There are no favorites in betting. Your team can be in a bad form, if you allow your heart to take over, you will end up losing the money but if you use your brain, the numbers will suggest otherwise. Furthermore, the favorite won’t always win. Understand the teams properly before placing a bet.

Shop around:

Don’t just get stuck to a single bookmarker. Shop around. Betting business is a massive market and companies offer many bonuses and promotions to lure you. However, their business is certainly to make money but you should not overlook the initial bonuses that are offered to you. Browse through various sportsbooks and evaluate their terms until you come to a conclusion and once you have made up your mind, choose your bookie. A better bookie increases your chances of winning. shop around

Don’t bet on the draws:

In Test Cricket, there are higher chances of the game ending in a draw. Though Cricket is unpredictable, still you should avoid betting on draws if you are wagering your money. Dig up the history of the team and place your bet accordingly. Refrain from betting on the draws. The advantage of recent betting is in-play betting. Anything can happen during the course and it allows you to place your bet as the game progresses.

Top player and Top Match Batsmen:

This is the form of cricket betting that involves betting on the top batsman instead of the whole team. Once you have studied the team’s performance you can focus all of your concentration on a single player that you think will score the most runs in his team. Likewise, betting on the Top Batsmen entails predicting the top Match Batsmen. It involves taking into consideration both of the teams and picking out a player. You can choose a top bowler in the same manner. top players

Runs strategy:

You can likewise wager your amount on the number of runs. The catch here is not to predict the exact number of runs but to adopt the under/over strategy. You bet whether you think the number of runs will be over or under a specified number. You can also bet on an outright winner of a season. There is no specific way to master the art of betting in cricket. Every person has their ways of betting but with proper knowledge and calculations, you can at least make an educated guess.


Betting is not just a game of luck. It is much above that. It involves a lot of hard work, understanding of gaming patterns, making calculations, spotting differences in the performance, digging up the history of teams and players to make an educated prediction. With no understanding of the game, you can’t and should not wager your amount and remember the purpose is to have fun also so never skip that part too.

The best Cricket betting tips for World Cup 2020

The best cricket betting tips for WC 2020
The Cricket World Cup of 2020 is one of the happening events of the world. With millions of fans across the globe, it surely can be trusted that the event will be full of fans. Though the Cricket betting is a little different the core principles remain the same and before you step right into it and end up confused, you need to understand few things. There are no suggestions to guarantee your win but with certain guidelines, you can surely lift your chances of winning a game.

Follow your head:

Everybody has a particular kind of liking for their team. It’s human emotion but in betting, there is no space for emotions, it’s a game of numbers. Follow your head and evaluate your betting chances. The purpose here is not to fall on superstitions but to understand the gaming patterns with information. The knowledge will give you an upper hand but superstition will sink you below. So follow the numbers and forms.


England has favorable odds at winning the game. The Betting Odds are 5.50 with Bet365 and 5 with Betway and 10CRIC to win the 2020 ICC T20 World Cup. The team is in quite a good form and as far as their recent win is concerned, their performance in 2016 T20 World Cup in India can’t be overlooked. They came runner-ups though but showcased their skill and dedication to lift any trophy. The team will be a hard nut to break.

India and Pakistan:

India’s stint with the World Cups are well known. India is the winner of 2007 World T20 held in South-Africa. The Odds are 4.75 with 10CRIC to win the 2020 ICC Twenty20 World Cup. Pakistan is a strong contestant for the World Cup. Though the team lost the finals of the World T20 in 2007, it has performed well in the T20 WorldCup. Its betting odds are 12 with Betway. india pakistan

New Zealand:

The Black Caps are one of the finest contenders of the Cricket World Cup of 2020. With Betting Odds of 8 with Bet365, the team has achieved its name through various games. Take the example of the Super 10 group stage where they won all of their encounters at the top points table. Furthermore, they were Semi-Finalists against at the 2016 World T20 in India.

West Indies:

The team is the strongest competitor in the line having won two titles already. One in 2012 against Sri Lanka and another in India in 2016 against England. Their betting odds are 9.5 with 10CRIC and 10 with Betway and Bet365.

Bookmarkers and history:

Betting is all about numbers and odds. Bookmarkers are important and you need to shop until you get your best deal. Many of the bookies offer bonuses for the new bettors. Take full advantage of their promotions and remember, the more Bookies, the more markets and more chances. Dig up the history of the team. Know how they perform under different circumstances, against each other and evaluate their history.


gaming pattern Anything may occur in Cricket. You can see the underdogs coming out of their shell or the kings dethroned. So is betting, unpredictable but calculated. You can’t know what will happen but with proper knowledge about the patterns and history of the game, you shall be able to make an educated guess. With the 2020 Cricket World Cup approaching, emotions are running high. Though there are top contenders, other teams can’t be overlooked. The best advice would be to have a clear head, an insight into the recent happenings and history of the game.

10 Best cricket betting sites for 2020

10 best cricket betting site
Betting is fun but with cricket, it’s a whole lot of fun. Ever since the game was invented, it has attracted a decent number of the crowd to its stadiums until recent decades where the crowd has just multiplied to overwhelming numbers and where there is the audience, there are speculations and foresee. Betting is not new to the field of cricket and has been happening since the very decades but due to the advent of the technology, it has become a lot easier. You no longer need to venture out, you can place your bet from the comfort of your home.


Betway has its name in the sports betting. You talk about any time of betting, it has got you covered but with cricket, it gives a lot more privileges. From additional information on the competing teams to bonuses, the betting site is fully secured to protect your data. Licensed by GCGB, and the MGA, Betway is an easy to use and customer friendly website and betting on the website is a click away. betway


Bet365 is yet another name in the betting industry. With easy-to-use design and a secure platform, the website is equipped with several sections exclusively for a particular type of betting. Licensed by MGA, Bet365 is a reliable name on the internet and apart from cricket, the site offers quite a several promotions on other sports.

The betting site is unique in terms of various bonuses but what segregates it from its counterparts is that its faster live streaming for various sports including cricket. Regulated by GOC, is among the trusted names in the betting industry.


The website has been designed in such a way that any service is just a mini second away. Fully secured and regulated by GCGB and GGC, the new bettors can win up to $30 free bet. Not only that, but the site also has a separate section of statistics for pre-match and in-play cricket.  


22Bet has made impressive inroads in the betting market. Though initially, it struggled against the existing ones it’s quicker and faster services helped it to establish itself a brand. Regulated by CGA, the site offers a 100% bonus on the initial deposit with various types of payment options.


Its multi-layer security gives it the top edge. Competing against others in the market, 10Bet offers different forms of payment. A separate section of statistics is dedicated to the pre-play and in-play matches. Licensed and regulated by GCGB and MGA, 10Bet offers faster pay-out. Novibet: The site offers quality odds on the games. Novibet is licensed by GCGB and MGA. Though the site is yet to have its share in the market given its popularity among the bettors, it’s a matter of time that it hikes up. Winner: The Winner is regulated by Malta Gaming Authority and offers a 200% bonus on your initial deposit. There is a comprehensive gambling section in the site also. winner 5Dimes: The 5Dimes is regulated by the Costa Rican Authority and comes with a 50% bonus on your initial deposit. The site uses high-level security to process your personal information. Pinnacle: Pinnacle is a fully secured and reliable betting site regulated by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles. Apart from all the services that it offers, the site also comes with a unique feature for those who might be addicted. You can set a Risk Limit and choose to self-exclude yourself from the offerings. Conclusion: Cricket is a game of 22 players and 22 yards but betting is a lot complex than that. Bookmarkers are important as it is those who provide different markets and good odds. A shop here and there can land you in the hands of a decent bookie but at the end of the day, it comes down to you. With little luck and a bag full of preparation, you can elevate your chances in the game and remember, the purpose is also to have fun.